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Dr. Voit Named a Senior Member of the National Academy of Inventors

Co-founder Dr. Walter Voit joined the NAI's elite group of Senior Members in the 2023 Class.

Dr. Voit examines electrodes printed on a thin-film, shape memory polymer sheet.

July 17, 2023 – Qualia Oto is delighted to share the exceptional achievement of co-founder Dr. Walter Voit, who was recently admitted as a Senior Member in the prestigious National Academy of Inventors (NAI). As one of 95 individuals in the 2023 class, Dr. Voit was recognized for his outstanding contributions to the field of innovation and invention.

Dr. Voit’s innovative spirit centers around his groundbreaking research and developments in the field of advanced materials, specifically in the areas of flexible electronics, 3D printing, and smart materials. His innovative work has led to the creation of a multitude of companies including Qualia Oto.

“I am honored that the NAI named me as a Senior Member of its 2023 class,” Dr. Voit said. “I believe my involvement with the NAI will provide great opportunities for us to expand our networking and further push our research and business opportunities.”

Dr. Voit went on to acknowledge that this honor extends beyond him individually; his achievements rest on the support he has received over the past decade from colleagues both through his corporate undertakings and his academic tenure: “My invitation also recognizes the backing of so many individuals who have contributed to my growth. I offer them my sincere thanks and appreciation.”

As a Senior Member of the National Academy of Inventors, Dr. Voit will have the opportunity to connect with other prominent inventors, fostering interdisciplinary collaborations and knowledge sharing. This membership will provide him with a platform to further expand his research, engage in meaningful discussions, and contribute to shaping the future of innovation.

“Walter’s membership in the National Academy of Inventors not only reflects his exceptional talent and dedication, but it also underscores Qualia Oto's commitment to fostering a culture of innovation and groundbreaking research,” noted Connie Manz, CEO and co-founder. “Qualia Oto is proud that Walter has gained the attention and recognition he deserves.”

CTO Dr. Stuart Cogan agreed. “Walter’s admission as a Senior Member in the NAI serves as a testament to the significant contributions he has made to the field of materials science and biomedical engineering, as well as his commitment to advancing technological breakthroughs,” Dr. Cogan added. “Walter’s expertise on our research and development efforts will advance not only the cochlear implant field specifically, but also the broader scientific community.”

The NAI is a global organization that recognizes and celebrates academic inventors who have made significant contributions to society through their innovative work. Membership in the NAI Fellows Program is granted to academic inventors who “have demonstrated a prolific spirit of innovation in creating or facilitating outstanding inventions that have made a tangible impact on quality of life, economic development, and the welfare of society. Election to NAI Fellow status is the highest professional distinction accorded solely to academic inventors.”

Currently, there are only 1,700 Fellows globally, yet the NAI calculates that their work has resulted in the creation of over one million jobs and $3 trillion in revenues.

In addition to his business entrepreneurship, Dr. Voit retains his position as a tenured faculty at The University of Texas at Dallas. Dr. Stephanie Adams, UT Dallas’ Dean of the Erik Jonsson School of Engineering and Computer Science, added that “…as part of the innovation ecosystem, we need some alumni and faculty who can envision and enact the commercialization of their research to take it from basic and fundamental to applied and impactful. Walter has the uncanny ability to do that, and while we value all contributions, our students, faculty, institutions, and society could benefit from a few more Walters.”

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